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Welcome to ICOS!

ICOS RI is a European research infrastructure (RI) to provide harmonised high precision data for advanced research on carbon cycle and greenhouse gas budgets and perturbations.

Here you will find information on the RI, ICOS organization, the latest news and how to join the ICOS activities. ICOS is currently in the transitional phase between the preparatory phase project and ICOS ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). As soon as ICOS ERIC is being established this website will be upgraded.

ICOS Carbon Portal new web site is launced! Find more at:

New ICOS RI website will be launched in May, 2015, on Stay tuned!

The ICOS Preparatory Phase Project web site can be accessed here.


Looking back on 2014 we want to thank all of you for your valuable contributions to further develop ICOS and for your efforts to make ICOS a vibrant community and well integrated Research Infrastructure. Although we have not reached yet one of our central goals to become an ERIC, 2014 has strengthened ICOS in many ways. Read more in News section.